Holistic Wellness Program

Promoting positive personal growth

The Holistic Wellness program aims to help individuals develop an effective use of problem solving behaviours in the management of personal affairs and to give them the confidence to express them- selves. The lessons build upon effective behavior already possessed by the participants and identify/unearth their strengths. Skill building will facilitate healing for individuals struggling with challenges related to parenting, family violence, addictions, trauma and abuse, unemployment, and skill development while practicing methods of effective communication, coping, relationship building, and emotional modulation. 

This 16 week program (including 2 weeks of of job placement) encompasses life skills lessons and treatment approaches designed to promote positive growth and change in the areas of self, family, community, employment and leisure.

​Taking a holistic approach to personal growth, the participants benefit from setting and realizing achievable goals that enhance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Traditional practices and cultural engagement provide a foundation for healing.

The lessons are appropriate for individuals with diverse needs, and as such fit the objectives of community prevention, intervention and aftercare within the broader health continuum.

The program also provides a 4-week summer program for youth, teaching life skills including effective communication skills, coping skills for trauma, abuse and addictions, adolescent anger management, and key components of life skills modules related to self, family and leisure and culture, including geneology and history of treaties.